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Services at Foreman Bros Ltd, Kent

At Foreman Bros Ltd our service promise to you is simple: no surprises or hidden extras and we will also provide you with the added reassurance of a local price match guarantee. You'll have the very best people looking after your Vehicle.


A MOT is a mandatory test which a vehicle must undergo to ensure it meets safety and environmental standards by the government. It checks various components like lights, brakes, tires, emissions, and structural integrity to ensure roadworthiness. The MOT is crucial for promoting road safety and reducing environmental impact by ensuring vehicles adhere to set standards.



We care about your vehicle as much as you do. We offer expert servicing and repairs on your vehicle, whatever make or model.

Using highly experienced and customer-focused technicians you can feel safe in the knowledge that your repairs will be carried out to the highest possible standard.


Tyres & Four-Wheel Alignment

Tyres are essential for safety and performance. They provide traction and stability on different road surfaces and weather conditions. Tyres need proper tread depth, inflation, and regular maintenance. It’s crucial to replace worn – out tyres and align and balance wheels for even wear. Four Wheel Alignment ensures that all four wheels of a vehicle are correctly set according to manufacturer specifications. It involves adjusting camber, toe , caster and thrust angle to optimise tyre wear and vehicle handling.


Exhausts, CATS & DPFS


The car exhaust system is essential for:

• Emission Control: It reduces harmful pollutants and ensures compliance with regulations.

• Engine Performance: Optimizes airflow, improving combustion and fuel efficiency.

• Noise Reduction: Muffles engine noise for a quieter ride.

• Safety: Directs toxic gases away from the cabin, preventing health hazards.

• Vehicle Integrity: Supports exhaust components and maintains vehicle structure. In essence, the exhaust system ensures environmental compliance, engine efficiency, safety, and structural integrity of the vehicle.


DPFS ( Diesel Particulate Filter), is a component in diesel vehicles that reduces emissions by trapping particulate matter from exhaust gases. Made of ceramic materials, it requires regular maintenance to prevent clogging. DPFs undergo regeneration to burn off trapped soot.

CATs (Catalytic Converters) are key components in vehicle exhaust systems, reducing harmful emissions by converting pollutants into less harmful substances. They contain precious metals that catalyze chemical reactions to break down pollutants like carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxides. Catalytic converters are essential for meeting emissions standards and improving air quality. Maintenance is crucial for their efficiency, and tampering with them is illegal.



Vehicles batteries are essential for starting the engine and powering electrical systems. They typically last three to five years and require minimal maintenance. Signs of weakness include slow cranking and dimming headlights. When replacing, choose a battery that meets the manufacturer's specifications. Proper disposal is crucial for environmental protection.


Air Conditioning

Air-conditioning is not just for comfort. By keeping the cabin temperature cool in summer, airconditioning contributes to driver alertness and therefore driving safety too. It is an all year round benefit - during winter months air-conditioning helps heat up a cabin to defrost windows quickly to get you on your way. It also clears mist from the inside of the windscreen quickly to give you a safe view of the road ahead.


Ford Diagnostics

Ford diagnostics involves using specialized tools and software to troubleshoot issues in Ford vehicles' electronic systems. Technicians connect diagnostic tools to retrieve trouble codes, test components, and perform software updates. This process ensures efficient and accurate diagnosis and repair of vehicle problems.

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